Archaeology – Antiquity

Here we are dealing with the dawn of humankind. Archaeology, Antiquity and Excavated Object auctions feature objects and works of art from prehistory to Antiquity.
These online sales provide objects excavated by archaeologists during digs: minerals, flint objects, ceramic shards, fossils, dinosaur skeletons and such like.

They also provide art from the Mediterranean basin. In these auctions, fans of ancient Egyptian artefacts can buy engraved stelae, amulets and funerary statuettes sometimes made for a Pharaoh; lovers of Greek antiquities can tussle it out for ancient amphorae, hydriai, statuary and busts, while collectors of ancient Etruscan and Roman pieces can find oil lamps and mosaics

Did you know? The fossil auction market, previously the haunt of those boned up on natural history, now bids welcome to art lovers. For example, a rare complete Mammuthus skeleton discovered in Siberia, estimated at €450,000/500,000, recently fetched a spanking € 548,000 at Drouot.
A mammoth sum indeed…